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Department of Labor Customized Training Grants Financial support to offset costs of training new employees, Financial support to offset costs of increasing literacy levels and more training for current employees. Run By: State of New Jersey: Department of Labor and Workforce Development Employers Contact: Jennifer Gonzalez Contact Phone: 973-395-3240 Contact Email:  

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Parolee Employment Placement Program (PEPP) OJT Long term, sustainable employment with the opportunites for advancement for participants under parole supervision. Run By: NJDOL Employers Contact: Blessed Ministries / Sean LaCon Contact Phone: 973-733-9675 Contact Email:  

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Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Initiatives Program   This competitive program is intended to advance readily implementable and innovative projects and services that reduce air pollution and congestion. The two categories for eligible activities are Local Mobility Initiatives (shuttle services) and Transportation Clean Air Measures (TCAMs). Examples of TCAMs include diesel reduction, idle reduction, traffic signal optimization, intelligent transportation systems, bicycle… Continue reading Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Initiatives Program

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UEZ-Urban Enterprise Zone Provides reduced sales tax (currently 3.5%), Eliminates NJ taxes on specific purchases, Tax credit options of up to 8% on certain investments, financial assistance from agencies such as NJEDA Run By: New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Program Employers Contact: Rene Velez, NCEDC Contact Phone: (973) 273-1040 Contact Email: